January 31, 2011

Felted Pouch

I bought a new laptop just before Christmas and was in desperate need for a nice and coloured pouch. The ones from the shops were not very stylish, and the ones online would have not arrived on time before going away. So I went to one of the local charity shops and got a wool sweater for a fiver, machine washed it, hand stitched it and voila'...my new pouch was ready to be loved by everyone!!

Pencil sketches

I started this pencil sketch back in November and still I didn't manage to finish it. I picked the branch and the seed pods from my neighbour's huge Goldenrain Tree (Koelreuteria paniculata), which grows right in front of my bedroom window. It looses all its leaves during winter, but still holds the seed pods, regardless of all the snow we had this year. I'm hoping to get this finishide before spring when the tree gets covered in tiny yellow flowers in spring.

Interconnecting flight

It's always good to bring a pocket size sketching kit......you never know how long your travel journey might take! After escaping the snow blizzard at Heathrow airport back in December, I landed in Rome with an almost clear sky (no signs of the snow that had paralysed the city the day before!) and 2 hours delay. Having to wait for another 4 hours for my connecting flight, I found a quite and sunny spot right behind the gate perfect for a quick sketch. I only had a tiny watercolour palette, just enough to highlight the main features.

January 28, 2011

Purl Hand Warmers

I bought the pattern and the yarn for these so cute hand warmers at the knitting and stitching fair back in October. They come from Purl, who by the way has some amazing patterns and yarns! Somehow I managed to finish them off before Christmas so they became a nice present for my boyfriend's sister. The instructions weren't difficult to follow, but the final stitching at the back was hard to do and the results were not extremely pleasing! Overall I liked the idea of homemade presents...will have to start quite early next year though!
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