November 27, 2011

Christmas Cards 2011

Due to the circumstances this year (baby due in a week!!!) we had an early Christmas lunch with some of our friends. So yesterday I finally decided to make some cards to go with the gifts. I picked the idea from Tracy Kyle design, just made it more simple I guess. I used some coloured and textured cardstock paper, cut out the shape of a triangular tree and a trunk and sticked them on together on the card. For the text on the side of the tree I used a gold Pilot pen. For the inside of the card (which is not shown unfortunately as I had already written some text on all of the cards!) I simply sticked a stripe of Christmas ribbon to the bottom of the page using double sided tape. To embellish the white and boring envelope I used some gold tape and gold Pilot pen for the text. 
Will have to make some more pretty soon!!!

November 01, 2011

And it's done!

The pram throw quilt for my baby girl is finally ready! lot's of room for improvement though. I'm thinking of writing a quick tutorial, so I don't forget the all process! I bet it will pass sometime before I tackle another quilt project, but I loved the experience.

October roundup

October.....31 days to do lots of things is never enough, but it ended up better than expected.
I manage to do almost all the basic things I intended//
  • Cleaning my wardrobe to make room for baby's stuff // I manage to fit all the extras in just 4 bags. I won't be able to fit in those clothes for at least the next 6 months!
  • Do baby's laundry // lost count of how many cycles I've done to wash all the clothes we have been kindly given by our friends. But it's all done now and the tiny clothes are now ready to be used
  • Attend NCT classes // very valuable to have an idea of what to expect before/during/after the baby is born, especially for G!
  • Go the gym // still managing to do swimming, aqua and yoga at least three times a week. Start to feel a bit tired nowadays, but I'll try 'till the end!
On the project side, I'm not as done as I could have been//

DIY Project 1 - Striped canvas (here and here)
It's pretty much done, but I'm currently not very happy with the end it's not going up the wall just yet.

DIY Project 2 - Felted bowls (here)
I made one using two straight needles, but I haven't felted it not sure if it works or I need to get a round needle.

DIY Project 3 - Pram throw quilt (here and here)
It's pretty much done, the only thing missing is the binding on two sided...I ran out of white thread. But I'm very pleased with the results and I'm hoping to blog about it in the next few days including instructions.

DIY Project 4 - Christmas quilted stocking (here)
Haven't even started on this will go in the November list!

DIY Project 5 - Striped baby blanket (here and here)
It's coming out pretty well, but it does take time to make it!

I'm starting to think that maybe I was a bit over ambitious, but overall I'm glad I set some goals otherwise I would have ended up doing half of the things that I have actually made!

On another note: So another month has gone by very quickly, leaving only 5 weeks until we'll meet our little baby, until our lives will change forever, until the unexpected will be ruling our days...until we'll settle in our new family life made up with more joy, love and excitement!
So November will be the last month, I guess for a while, when I can still plan things, dedicate time to make stuff and work on projects, take time for myself.

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