April 26, 2015

Sketchbook #5

I always have mixed feelings when I fill up the last page of a sketchbook. I feel content as I have completed something and can move on to the next thing, but also a bit sentimental as it marks the end of a journey, which in this case lasted about 7 years! I started this moleskine pocket size notebook back in 2008, when I had just started to get into outdoor sketching and it has been on and off in my bag since then. Oh so many places and so many memories!

April 19, 2015

April: around here

Cutting down on coffee to make space for tea
Playing with the alphabet and my watercolours
Cutting hair like it's her job!
There are more kisses and puzzled faces than anything else these days
Enjoying the weather, the blue skies, the smell of flowers
Making time for just the two of use gets harder by the day, but when it happens it's magic
Looking for something special everywhere I go. It's the little things than brings a smile on my face
Discovering new places around our neighbourhood
Changing our weekly menu to make the most of the fresh spring produces


I have been very busy lately jumping from one project to another, working day and night, whenever time and tiredness allow. I feel happy anytime I hold a pen or a brush in my hand, and life seems bright and colourful again.

April 12, 2015

Weekly art journal #1 // January to March

I started documenting my weeks this year through little watercolour illustrations. I didn't set any specific plans for it, just painting whatever comes to mind and adding some notes here and there. This is how the first three months look like. Enjoy!
The notebook I'm using is homemade (read more about it here)    
I will keep sharing each week on Instagram (here)
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