February 17, 2014


It's week 7 and we are still eagerly waiting for this weather to get better! There has been a lot of indoor playing this week and a trip to the swimming pool with papa.
"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2014"
Olivia: Sometimes during the day she has been asking to get to bed or the couch with the dummy and her beloved puppets, her favourite blanket and the light off and has been lying still for a good half hour. She has been suffering a bit with her back molars coming through, or it was just a cheeky way to get her dummy back during the day!

Baby-to-be: I'll get a new picture soon!

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  1. Che sguardo espressivo la tua bimba , sembra una che sa ciò che vuole ! Sai , a vederla così mi sembra coetanea della mia più piccola che ha fatto due anni a dicembre . Beh, lei e' un'altra che ha le idee chiarissime !

  2. @Mentre dormono Olivia e' una furbacchiona, e purtroppo noi ci caschiamo quasi sempre :) Ed e' proprio coetanea con la tua piccola, ha compiuto due anni il 5 Dicembre scorso!

  3. oor little olivia, those teeth... (wendie's just woken up from her siesta and asks me for olivia, "is she my friend? hahah)

  4. @mirari So cute, thay could really be friends! maybe we'll meet some day :)


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