March 05, 2013

#30lists / 5. Things I would like to do/accomplish by the end of themonth

I was flicking through the filled in pages of my notebook for #30lists today and realised I'm so loving this project! 
Today's list is my wish list for this month. I'm saying wish list and I don't feel very positive about it, but this exact same list has been my February to-do list too. Now that it has been written down and published, I will actually try harder to get things crossed off. Come back by the end of the month to check what I actually managed to accomplish!

In case you can't read my handwriting...

5. Things I would like to do/accomplish by the end of this month

  • Get through 30 days of lists
  • Have a blog re-do (SketchingInColour.blogspot
  • Go on holiday
  • Complete current sketchbook (only 12 pages left)
  • Finish at least one collage
  • Start thinking seriously about opening an Etsy shop
  • Go to a car boot sale - it has been too long!
If you are curious about this challenge and want to know more, check the 30 days of lists website. There's still time to register!! 

Previous lists can be found here.

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