March 22, 2013

Pick of the month: March / Green

1.Salter Weigh Electronic Kitchen Scale from / 2. Succulents Plants In Ceramic Pot from / 3. Easter Dress from / 4. Scarf from / 5. Vest from / 6. Converse All Star from / 7. Desert Boot from / 8. Sunglasses from / 9. Zaza Crayon Dress by Louche from

I’m rolling with the colour scheme for the pick of the month edition. Winter is almost over and I really need some colour in my life to cheer me up. I have always had this image in my mind, since I was a child, that each month has its own colour and GREEN is definitely the one for March! With all the new fresh green leaves starting to appear, the first green buds on the trees, and St Patrick’s day if you wish, this is the colour to pick!
To celebrate this month, I pulled together a few favourite items for me and little Miss O. And since green is the colour we picked for our kitchen, I’ve also chosen some favourite accessories, some of which have already made their way home!

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