May 15, 2014

When in Rome...

...we do like the Romans! We had an amazing time last week in Rome. It wasn't a proper holiday as we have been running up and down looking for a flat to rent. But the weather was more than great, our little miss was the best travel companion and the hospitality was outstanding (grazie cugina!). We walked a lot, ate lots of pizza and ice cream, visited too many playgrounds and went to bed too late. Fingers crossed we will get things sorted this week with the flat so we can start planning our move before the baby comes.
Rome hidden treasures
Waking up to this every morning
Italian tradition
Just having fun
This is where you look for a place to rent!
Playgrounds (and yes she insisted on wearing pyjamas bottom!) 


  1. good luck!!!
    the mediterranean countries have a lot more playgrounds, don't you think?
    (i've olivia's raincoat prepared, but i guess it's better for you to send it to rome when you've moved)

  2. How amazing! I am so excited for you and hope the apartment hunting is going smoothly! It is always a hassle, but I hope it goes quickly so you can get settled. That photo of Olivia in the sink! So precious:)

  3. @mirari it depends where you go. Here in London we are really spoiled for choice, but in southern Europe you can do a lot more outdoor activities. Olivia would be very happy to wear her favourite raincoat for a few more months; I'll let you have our new address as soon as we know it :)

  4. @Krugthethinker we are still dealing with the estate agents in Italy as they want reassurance on our finances since I will be on maternity leave from June. Hopefully we can sort this out soon :)
    Olivia loves bathing and playing in the sink (it's called bidet and I think we only have them in Italy!)

  5. @Marina Cerra
    ok!! i'll send you an email the next month ;)


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