July 14, 2014


It's week 28 and I'm finally back on track! not sure how long this will last, but I'll try hard. I'm loving our new place, its white walls, the light, the minimal furniture. It still doesn't quite feel like home, but we are slowly making it ours.
Olivia: singing and drawing on top of the dining room table...until she actually started to draw on the table itself, and of course enjoyed the clean up afterwards! sometimes I wonder if she does it on purpose to make messes so she gets to play with wet paper towels and sponges.


  1. So adorable! She must be getting very excited to meet her little brother:)

  2. @Krugthethinker not sure about that! some days she's all kisses and cuddles, some others she's like "this is all mine, and not the baby's"! we'll see what happen when we'll actually bring him home :)


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