July 28, 2014

30/52 + 41/40

So, we reached week 30 of 52, and by this time we were supposed to be a family of four...I guess we'll have to wait a few more days!!!
Olivia: enjoying some mother-daughter painting session. I'm hoping I will be able to keep this us time once her brother will arrive and everything else will be disrupted!
Baby boy: I seriously wouldn't have thought to pass the due date by a week! And since there is no fruit or veg to compare this baby to anymore, it will be just my giant belly this time. One way or another, by this time next week he will be here, joining his big sister in her weekly photo shoots.


  1. Spero sia successo qualcosa, mentre ti scrivo. Sbircio spesso per vedere quando arriva questo baby boy che si fa attendere. Che emozione!!

  2. what a lazy boy ;) he must be in heaven in your belly!


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