July 18, 2014

A list // July

I am...
making: no plans whatsoever, just living one day at a time.
cooking: lots of fresh and locally produced vegetables. It pays off living close to your in-laws and their vegetable patch!
drinking: freshly made almond milk.
reading: the circle, by Dave Eggers.
wanting: to go to the beach as soon as possible.
looking: for the perfect nursing chair.
playing: with water as soon as we get the chance. Thank you Rome for the thousands of fountains at almost every corner.
wasting: time with the italian national health service. No wonder why people go private!
sowing: fresh summer herbs on our tiny balcony.
wishing: we would have agreed on a boy's name by now.
enjoying: afternoon storms which bring a bit of fresh air.
waiting: for this baby boy to arrive!
liking:  our new neighbourhood and the many things still to be discovered.
wondering: how Olivia will react once she meets her baby brother.
loving: our new big space.
hoping: that giving birth will be quick and less painful as possible.
marvelling: at how well and quick we adapted back to the italian lifestyle.
needing: to lay down very 5 minutes or so. Can't really stand or seat for too long these days.
smelling: fresh pastries every morning...there is a bakery opposite our building!
wearing: a maternity belt to help ease the pain of this growing belly.
following: lots of new creative blogs on bloglovin.
noticing: how much the sun does to our moods.
knowing: this might not last forever.
thinking: about the SBA diploma course almost every day.
bookmarking: parenting related articles. Potty training is getting us nowhere!
opening: parcels almost daily...we do love some online shopping.
giggling: when Olivia comes to our room in the morning to wake us up. She gives us a kiss and whisper our names, before she start shouting that she wants milk!
feeling: impatient and terrified about giving birth.


  1. still no name??? well, you've a few days after he's born... :) a few days ago i read a name that amazed me: verne.
    if olivia's ready, she'll let you know it. i read they're ready to say goodbye to pampers when they can go upstairs and downstairs, but well, i just remember it was her pediatrician who told us she was ready. and maybe with warm days she'll feel bad with the pampers and will tell you she doesn't want to wear it...

  2. I am the world's latest commenter, but I love this post! A bakery across the street! That sounds like heaven. So happy for you to be settled back in Italy before the baby comes. Sending good wishes for an easy labor!

  3. @mirari I hope it will come! Some days are better than others, but she refuses to wear just panties and pretends to put a nappy on all the time.

  4. @Krugthethinker ahahahah!!! I guess it was easy for us to settle, as, although Rome is a place we never lived in, everything seems vary familiar to us...even the everyday chaos.

  5. @Marina Cerra you could buy her cute little girls' undies, type hello kitty or princesses, she's a girl and she'll love to wear them, but they're too small to use them with pampers!


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