July 12, 2014

Fruits of the womb // 7 weeks and a lot of belly changes

So we are really close to meet this baby boy and I cannot believe how fast this past month has gone by! I had plans to relax, to physically and mentally prepare for this baby, to enjoy the last few weeks of being pregnant. Well, none of this has happened. I spent most of my time running around to understand how the Italian health system works for non residents, to catch up with the many tests and doctors appointments required here, fighting against painful Braxton Hicks contractions and, of course, keeping my 2 year old entertained all day.
The past two weeks have probably been the hardest, so now I'm really looking forward to meet this baby and get rid of this ginormous belly. The baby should be now more than 49.5cm long from head to heel and weighing nearly 3kg.
And below is what the past month my belly looked liked.
This is the first photo I took in our new place, and surely one of  my favourite.


  1. he's going to be a big boy!! days will run now and he'll be soon in your arms ;) happy weekend

  2. Hurray! So hope you are getting the chance to relax now...insurance stuff is so terrible to deal with, ugh. I am so happy you have these photos! Think how much your little boy will love to look at them someday:)

  3. @mirari hope he's not going to be too big :) and yes, not long to go now!

  4. @Krugthethinker it will be fun to have them printed out into a mini book. Still deciding if doing a weekly photo with the baby instead of the fruit and veg once he's born, and then print them out all together...


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