July 16, 2014

I finally packed my hospital bag!

After weeks (months?!) of procrastination, last saturday I finally packed my hospital bag. The first time around, my bag was packed and ready since the beginning of the third trimester. Not sure what happened this time, maybe it's all part of the "second pregnancy" experience, but somehow I didn't feel the urge nor had the energy to have everything set before the big day. I know it doesn't sound right to say it, but making sure my little lady is looked after when we go to the hospital and that she doesn't feel neglected once we get back with her baby brother is all I have been worried about. This article on the huffington post summarises brilliantly what being pregnant with a second child feels like and now that I only have about a week left, I feel a bit sad of not have given myself the chance to connect with this baby before arrives. 
Anyhow, apart from the logistics (we still don't know how we'll get to the hospital since we don't have a car!), the detailed list from the hospital with what to bring on the big day helped a lot, and so did my first time mum sister in law's advices and presents!
Here is what we are required to bring.
When Olivia was born, we arrived at the hospital with too many bags...three, if I remember correctly, one for each of us! This time around, I'm bringing very little. Just the essential for the delivery room...
for me
for the baby (still un-named as I type this!)
And a few gadgets for before and after the birth...
Of course, I'm also packing some personal stuff, depending how it goes, I might stay in the hospital for more than one day this time...they ask you to stay at least 48 hours, even if things go smoothly! But we'll worry about that later. For now, we feel ready...just waiting for this baby boy to decide when the time it's right.


  1. Che grandissima emozione, la valigia. E come ti capisco rispetto ai sentimenti delle seconde terze gravidanze: tanti di loro sono rivolti al primogenito , che il più piccolo e l'unico non sarà più. Ma sarà bellissimo, vedrai!

  2. @Mentre dormono preparare la valigia e' stato come dire: "ok, ora siamo davvero pronti!" anche se non ci sentiamo minimamente cosi! Grazie x l'incoraggiamento, a questo punto spero non ci faccia aspettare molto :)

  3. Good for you! We are sort of halfway there--we have some things in the bag, but some will need to be thrown in at the last minute. However, I think it is making my husband feel better to have a comprehensive list:) So excited for you!!

  4. what's that femme tens machine? i've never heard about that...

  5. @mirari it's very common in the UK. I used it a lot during labor with Olivia. It has four patches you put on your lower back; these are connected through wires to a little machine which sends impulses to stimulate the nerves. It really helped in mitigating the pain...hoping to use it this time as well :)

  6. @Krugthethinker my other half feels better if he has his own bag with all the gadgets he might need....not that he used any last time around :)
    this last week seems to be lasting forever!!!


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