March 20, 2014

fruits of the womb // week 22

Yes, I'm using a pack of pasta for this week's picture as I couldn't find a spaghetti squash anywhere in the UK!! Also Babycenter says at 22 weeks the baby should be close to 28cm and about 1/2 kg, which is exactly the size and weight of a pack of spaghetti! And yes, I'm wearing my pyjamas, and yes my two year old doesn't seem too happy in the photo, but she was singing and laughing and moving so much while taking the pictures this was the only which was not blurred. 


  1. he's growing up quickly!
    and she's so so beautiful even serious...

  2. Beautiful! I am only a few days behind you, and I bet I won't be able to find a spaghetti squash either!

  3. @Krugthethinker the pack of spaghetti was my other half idea :) And thanks for all your lovely comments; I'm glad I met you too.

  4. @mirari I thinks my belly is bigger that it was with Olivia at the same stage ! I feel ginormous :)


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