April 22, 2014


It's week 16 and we feel truly exhausted after the Easter break! Our move to Rome is getting more complicated than expected (damn you Italian tax system!). Olivia has outgrown her afternoon nap, and when she does have a nap, she doesn't go to bed before 10 pm in the evening. We need some support or we'll go mental. Other than that, I hope you had a lovely Easter holiday!
This is you smiling to the camera on Easter Sunday while eating chips @Nandos

Olivia: Experiencing her tantrums to the fullest this week, but also enjoying her soft and sweet voice when she calls us in the morning after waking up. She loves getting out of her bed and quietly leave the room to go playing on her own (her latest favourite activity is to tidy up the bathroom towels on their rack). And she discovered she loves playing under the sheets, so now we are mastering the art of building blankets forts.


  1. I didn't know you were moving to Rome! That sounds exciting! Sorry about all the stress, though, ugh! Olivia is too cute! My friend's daughter loves Peppa too:)

  2. she's precoce with this skip of napping our!!! usually they do have to sleep for at least an hour until they're 5... but you know, she's a latina and prefers to party :)

  3. @Krugthethinker We are trying to move to Rome just for a year, but it seems more complicated than we thought it would be. Fingers crossed!

  4. @mirari I know, it took us by surprise! We were hoping she would at least wait until turning 3! We are trying to adapt her routine so she can go to bed early and then we can have a party :)


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