April 08, 2014

Fruits of the womb // week 25

I truly cannot believe it's week 25 already! We are in the middle of the second trimester and I started to sleep less and less, and I keep tossing and turning during the night, trying to find a comfortable position every time I turn.  When pregnant with Olivia I didn't have any problems sleeping on my left side (as highly recommended just so women get stressed out even more with do's and don'ts!). With this baby boy the only comfortable position seems to be sleeping on my back, which apparently is not good for the baby. But no matter how much I'm trying, I found myself back in that position every morning.
This week the baby is supposed to be the weight of an average rutabaga (aka swede in UK), about 700g, and is roughly 34 cm long from head to heel. 


  1. You found a rutabaga! I don't know if I could get one here. I often wake up on my back too, even though I sleep in one of those huge pregnancy support pillows. maybe it's the effort that counts--I hope so!

  2. @Krugthethinker This fruit and veg thing is getting harder every week, but it's still fun! Haven't pull out my 3.6m long pregnancy pillow yet, but I think the time has come :)


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