March 31, 2014


It's week 13 and it is finally nice-ish and warm outside! we have enjoyed a family weekend and some mother's day celebrations, spending lots of time outside and making the most of the sunshine. 
Olivia: She knows what food she likes and dislikes, and we now know that too! it took us a while to understand while she was not eating properly at times and devouring her dinner some other times. She has acquired her own taste for certain foods; her favourites are still walnuts and pistachios, blueberries, sweetcorn and raw carrots, and we can't really complain about that! And after this weekend, we can happily add ice cream cones to the list.


  1. it's great that the sun has arrived to london!!! olivia, beautiful as always ;)
    wendie adores raw carrots too, there are days i've to stop her eating carrots...

  2. @mirari we are being very lucky with the weather at the moment! let's just hope it lasts :)


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